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Vaccine Seminar

Rebecca Cox, head of the Influenza centre, participated on Thursday the 19th of March in a seminar on vaccines and vaccine conspiracies hosted by Tekna Biotek.

The weekend of the 22nd and 23rd of March the annual alternative medicine convention was hosted in Bergen, and the Grieghallen concert hall was filled to the brim with magical rocks, Platinum DNA-healing, clairvoyance and communication with the diseased. In a response to this Tekna -The Norwegian Society of Graduate Technical and Scientific Professionals- hosted a lecture series on vaccines and vaccine conspiracies with a turnout of over 60 people spending their afternoon listening to the four different lectures.

Rebecca gave the last lecture of the day and talked about influenza vaccines, both seasonal and the 2009 pandemic vaccine, pandemrix. Her take-home message was the importance, especially for health-care worker, to get the annual flu shot and that seasonal influenza vaccines are both safe and efficacious and our best tool in preventing unnecessary influenza disease.

The other speakers were Gunar Tjomlid, Marianne Bergsaker and Bjørn Sætrevik. Gunnar Tjomlid -author, blogger and renowned critics of the alternative movement- talk about vaccine conspiracies and the methods used by the anti vaccine movement. Dr. Marianne Bergsaker, head of the children immunisation programme at the Norwegian public health institute, gave a lecture about the children vaccine program and particularly the MMR-vaccine and measles. Prof. Bjørn Sætrevik from the department of psychosocial science, UiB, talked about the psychology of decision-making and risk evaluation.